Tharanga 2015 – Calling for Articles & Artworks

Tharanga 2015

   Sri Lankan Students’ Association in Japan (SLSAJ) is pleased to announce the call for articles for “Tharanga” magazine 2015 issue. “Tharanga” is the annually published literary magazine of SLSAJ and it contains a wide variety of literary works including articles and essays on various themes, poems, paintings, critiques, interviews, information, achievements and research findings, etc.

   We would like to invite you to submit your articles to be published in the 2015 issue of “Tharanga” which is to be distributed in the Sinhala-Tamil New Year Festival in Japan (April 2015). In addition to the above mentioned categories, you are also invited to share photographs, new food recipes, etc. that would be worth sharing.

We are happily looking forward to receive your valuable contributions to “Tharanga-2015” in order to compile an interesting and successful issue. Please follow the guidelines for submission stated below. You can download the guidelines here

Submission deadline: 20th February 2015

Submit to:

Guidelines for Submission

  1. Articles should be in Sinhala/Tamil/English/Japanese medium.
  2. ‘Abhaya’ font should be used for Sinhala letters. (Download ‘Abhaya’ font here.)
  3. Theme of the article should be of interest to the general reader.
  4. Maximum word limit for an article is 3000 words.
  5. Send the soft copies (editable) of your articles to You may use any word processing software.
  6. Art works (paintings) should be of A4 size. High quality scanned copies are accepted.
  7. Color images and photographs may be included in your articles. If you like to submit them through e-mail, use a common format such as PostScript, JPEG and GIF. Please do not send images embedded in the article. (To show us the format of your articles, embed them in the main text and also don’t forget to send them separately.)
  8. Please mention the following information along with your articles. Some of the information may appear with your article in the magazine. If you do not like any of the information to be appeared in the magazine, please specify in advance.
  • Name (Prof./Dr./Rev./Mr./Ms.)
  • University/College/School/Lab/Company/Office (in Japan)
  • Major Field of Study or Studied/Occupation/School grade
  • E-mail address
  • Postal address in Japan

Your kind cooperation with prompt response would be much appreciated. Please feel free to email us if you have any problem regarding submission (email:

… Thank you …


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