Introduction for study opportunities in Japan


Scholarship Guide

There are normally two basic categories of Scholarships.

  1. Government Scholarships
  2. Private scholarships

Here are some of the private scholarships offered by private organization

check the following document for a detailed guide for the application procedure

Useful Resources

For those considering studying in Japan, we have some valuable resources to help you along the way:

🔍 Study in Japan Website: Start your journey by exploring the official Study in Japan website, which provides comprehensive information about studying in Japan:

📘 Study in Japan Basic Guide: Get a comprehensive guide to studying in Japan here:

🎓 Scholarship for International Students in Japan: Discover available scholarships from different organizations to support your studies in Japan:…/pla…/about-scholarship/
💼 Study in Japan – Employment Opportunities: If you’re curious about job prospects in Japan, explore the employment opportunities available to students:
✨ Search for Schools in Japan: Find and select universities that match your preferences:…/search…/daigakukensaku/
✨ JPSS (Japan Universities and Colleges Search): Access an extensive database of universities and colleges in Japan:
✨ Researchmap: Explore research opportunities and information:
For those interested in scholarships, the Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship is an excellent opportunity:


Preparation for visiting Japan