2011-Feb-09 : Informatio​n on career opportunit​ies by Brianstorm worldwide

We would like to update you that we have discussed providing career opportunities for our SLSAJ members with the help of a company called Brainstorm worldwide(http://brainstormww.com/hr/)They are currently assisting international students in getting information on internships, Job opportunities etc etc. There was a seminar recently and you can find the presentation as below


This company assists international students by consulting visa upgrades and even writing Japaneses resume as well.

Note: As per him Japanese government has changed the rules for international students recently and you can extend your visa for another one year after your graduation to find jobs.

You can find more information on job hunting using the following link as well.

There will be another seminar on March 12th and the venue is still not yet decided. But if we need a separate seminar for the Sri Lankans he is willing to do a special seminar for us.So if you are interested pls let us know and based on the number of participants we can discuss with him for having a separate seminar for SLSAJ members.