2011-April-25 Job Oppurtunit​ies-Standa​rd Chartered’​s Internatio​nal Graduate Programme

Pls refer below for the information received on job opportunities in Standerd charted Bank.(International Graduate program).Standard Chartered’s International Graduate Programme is a two-year programme for last year students, graduates, post-graduates and alumni. It offers job vacancies in 29 countries.It starts on 1st September 2011 with an induction in Malaysia and offers various rotations within the chosen country and also rotations within business divisions. The graduation from IG Programme takes place in August 2013 in Singapor.
Sri Lanka together with 18 Asian countries, which take part in the IG
Programme, offer numerous graduate job vacancies in the following
business divisions:
– Wholesale Banking
– Consumer Banking (requires Masters degree)
– Human Resources
– Corporate Real Estate Services (CRES)
– Group Internal Audit
The programmes are available to the students of any majors or fields of studies. Applications from candidates of wide range of degree disciplines are welcomed. No background in finance is obligatory,  however those studying majors requiring analytical skills are more likely to succeed in the recruitment process.
The salary is competitive and it will vary in each country.
Each of the programmes offer rotations within business divisions.
A participant of each one of IG Programmes:
– is exposed to different cultures and working styles
–  is introduced to the position by experienced managers and our business supporters
– has an entire talent team looking after him or her
– receives strengths coaching from the outset
Best of luck with your career…..!!!


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