2011-April-25 Informatio​n regarding Career Gateway to Asia spring registrati​on

Pls refer the below message recived from the “Career gate way to Asia” regarding the internships oppurtunities. Pls note that it requires certain level of Japanese language capabilities and pls check with them if you are intersted.

Pls refer below for more details…..

Our Spring registration period will be as follows.

April 25th 2011 – June 24th 2011

(We are also planning a autumn registration. Details will be sent before

registration begins)

Our registration URL is as follows.(Currently not open. Will open on the



I have also attached an informing letter and flyer image.

However, since our program requires a certain Japanese language level,

all information for registration including the attached files are only

given in Japanese.

Thank you for your cooperation.

We will be looking forward to seeing many Sri Lankan students join our



Kyoko Segawa

‘Career Gateway to Asia’ by Non-Profit Organization WIL

TEL: +81-3-5662-3662

E-mail: cgaasia@npowil.org

URL: http://www.wilcga.org/


We hope these information will help you to get internships and pls directly contact them if you are intersted.

Best of luck……!!!!


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