Research Journal 2012

Annual Research Journal of SLSAJ

Volume 12
December 2012
ISSN 2186 ‐ 3474

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Research Publications

Engineering & Physical Science

1. Inhibition of Corrosion of Copper in HCl by Tea Leaves Extracts: I. Corrosion Rate Measurements.
R. Senthooran and N. Priyantha

2. Variability of Chemical Composition of Some Cements Available on the Sri Lankan Market.
D.L.N.B. Jayawardana,U.P.A.S. Ukwatta, W.M.N.R. Weerakoon, C.K. Pathirana and H. Abeyruwan

3. GprMax2D Modeling to Identify Contaminated Areas in Groundwater with Landfill Leachate.
N.S. Wijewardana, L.W. Galagedara and M.I.M. Mowjood

4. Gradation Effect on the Peak Friction Angle of Granular Soil under Different Confining Pressures.
G. I. Wanasinghe and K. Suzuki

5. Interaction of Ionic Species with Thermally Treated Peat.
A. Bandaranayaka, H. Wijeratne and N. Priyantha

6. Finite Element Analysis of Corroded Steel Bridge Plates under Earthquake Loading.
J.M.R.S. Appuhamy, M. Ohga1, T. Kaita, P. Chun and P.B.R. Dissanayake

7. Rotation in Special Relativity.
E. P. B. A. Thushari and L. N. K. De Silva

Life & Applied Sciences

8. Involvement of Osteopontin in High Glucose Induced Type I and Type III Collagen Expression in Renal Fibroblasts.
V. De Silva, T. Okura, K. Miyoshi, J. Irita, M. Kurata, Z. Pei, D. Enomoto, T. Nagao, M. Jotoku and J. Higaki

9. The prevalence of hamstring tightness among the male athletes of University of Peradeniya in 2010.
R. M. I. M. Weerasekara, H. M. I. S. Kumari, G. W. C. R. Withanage, L. R. N. D. Weerarathna, C. D. Wanniarachchi, M. Yancy, S. Viganeshwaran, S. Priyanthi and H. J. Suraweera

10. Effect of Cefazolin and Waste milk on Multi-drug Resistant Bacterial Reduction during Anaerobic Co-digestion of Dairy Manure and Waste Milk.
N. Beneragama, S. A. Lateef, M. Iwasaki, K. Umetsu

11. Development of a Low Cost Yoghurt Based Weaning Food for 1-3 Years old Toddlers by Incorporation of Mung bean (Vigna radiata), Soy bean (Glycine max) and Brown Rice (Oryza sativa) for the Sri Lankan Market.
M. A. D. D. Munasinghe, K. Jayarathne, K. H. Sarananda and K. F. S. T. Silva

 Social Science, Management and Economics

12. Wagner’s Law in Sri Lanka: an Econometric Analysis.
M. Kesavarajah

13. Management Style and Job Satisfaction of Library Staff of University of Niigata, Japan.


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