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උඩරට අමරපුර මහ නිකායේ අනුනායක මහෝපාධ්‍යාය අතිගරැ යාලගමුවේ ධම්මිස්සර නාහිමි පාණන් වහන්සේගේ මැණියන්ට නිවන් සුවය ලැබේවා!
ජපානේ ටෝකියෝ සකමුණි බෞද්ධ මධ්‍යස්ථානය හා නීගතා බෞද්ධ මධ්‍යස්ථානයේ ස්වාමින් වහන්සේලාගේ හා දායක පින්වතුන්ගේ බලවත් ශෝකය!

Ven. Yalgamuwe Dhammissara Thero’s Mather has passwed away. Our deepest condelences

69 වන නිදහස් සැමරුම ,69th Independence day in Japan

We, as patriotic Sri Lankans, celebrated the 69th Independence day in Japan. The official independence day celebration was held at Kotani Hall, Minata-ku, Tokyo with a musical evening, “Nidahase Sandewa” by veteran singer Visharada Nanda Malani. 69 වන නිදහස් සැමරුම . Photo credits Isuru Jayasekara

The 69th Independence Day of Sri Lanka

The 69th Independence Day of Sri Lanka will be held on Saturday, 4th of February 2017 at the Kotani Hall, Reiyukai,Tokyo. The embassy of Sri Lanka in Japan has invited all the SLSAJ members for the event.

We warmly welcome you all to participate in this National event which will be followed by “Nidahase Sandewa” a musical evening performed by Veteran Artist Visharada Nanda Malani.

SLSAJ Jan1st Almsgiving 2017

මෙවරද සාර්ථකව අප විසින් ලැබුනා වූ නව වසරට ජපානයේ සිටින සියලුදෙනාටම සුබ පතා දහවල් දානය හචිඕජි පන්සලට පුජා කලෙමු. බොහෝ දෙනෙක් මෙය සාර්ථකව සිදු කර ගැනීමට උදවු වූනා. This year too SLSAJ did the annual alms-giving on January first at Hachioji Temple for wishing all the best in the coming new year to all of you.

Sri Lankan New Year Festival 2015

SLSAJ New Year

It’s time to get together and make fun in this Sinhala-Tamil new year season. As same as in the previous years, this year also “Sri Lankan New Year Festival in Japan” has been organized by Sri Lankan embassy in Japan and some other Sri Lankan organizations in Japan (including Sri Lankan Students’ Association in Japan – SLSAJ). This is one of the largest gatherings of Sri Lankan community in Japan and make sure you never miss it. You can enjoy the whole day with your family and friends while participating to the new year game events, watching cultural shows, etc. All are warmly welcome…!

Date: 2015 April 26 (Sunday)
Time: 9:30 to 16:00
No admission fee
Venue: Chofu Sports Square, 290-4, Nishi machi, Chofu city, Tokyo 182-0032.
Telephone (for navigator): 042-481-4390 LIMITED PARKING AVAILABLE


Lined-up Games & Events

Games for Children(below 12 years)
50m Boys
50m Girls
Eating Buns
Balloon Bursting
Musical Chairs
Elephent Eye
Fancy Dress Parade
Games & Events for Adults
100m – Men
75m – Women
Sack Race
Tomato Balancing – Women
Thread & Needle – Couples
Yoghurt Feeding – Couples
Throwing Water Balloons – Couples
Kotta pora
Kana Mutti
Sangawunu Amuththa – Special prize for the winner
Beauty Pageant
*Prizes will be given to the winners of the game events.

Other Events

Sri Lankan cultural dances
New year greetings by Wicky san

For further details please contact New year festival executive committee.
1) 090-6257-0249
2) 090-8451-4297
3) 080-3581-1233

~ Wish You All a Very Happy New Year ~

2014-Feb-04: Independence Day celebrations in Tokyo



The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Tokyo is organizing the 66th anniversary of Independence at the Kotani hall of the Reiyukai in Tokyo on Tuesday 4th February. The ceremony comprises of the lighting of the traditional oil lamp, rendering of the national anthem and reading of messages of H.E the President, Prime Minister and Minister of External Affairs of Sri Lanka. Following the formal ceremony, all attendees are invited to a breakfast of traditional Sri Lankan food.


Sri Lanka Students Association in Japan would like to invite all the members, honorary members and well-wishers to join this event and make the event successful.



Date: 04th February 2014


Time: 09:30 AM (Please be there around 09:00 AM)


Venue: Kotani Hall of the Reiyukai in Tokyo



~ We would highly appreciate if you can come and join in the commemoration ~


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2014-Jan-12: New Year & Thaipongal Celebrations 2014

New Year and Thaipongal Celebrations in Japan were held on 12th Tokyo. The event was organized by Sri Lanka Students’ Association in Japan (SLSAJ) with the help of well-wishers, Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan and Sri Lankan community in Japan. This is the 25th consecutive year that the New Year and Thaipongal were celebrated in Tokyo.


The proceedings began with the lighting of the traditional oil lamp by H.E. Ambassador of Sri Lankan in Japan and Sri Lankan Embassy Staff, Prof. Mangala De Zoysa, University of Ruhuna, Mr. Anil Priyantha (Nipara International) Mr. Saman Priyankara (Sayuri International and Sri Lanka Automobile Exporters Association in Japan), Mr. Udaya Atukorla (Sri Lanka Business Council in Japan), Mr. Aruna Kumara (Sri Lankan Professionals Association in Japan), Mr. Tunga Randeniye (Founding member of SLSAJ), Dr. Neelam Ramaiah (The university of Tokyo) and Mr. Tatsuya Haga, (Institute of International Students Association in Japan).

Then, Mr. Udara Manawadu, secretary of SLSAJ welcomed the participants. The Chief Guest at the ceremony was Sri Lankan Ambassador to Japan, H. E. Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda. In his remarks, he stressed the importance of national events of this nature to promote Sri Lanka’s national unity and traditions in foreign nations through such cultural exchanges. Mr. Nava Cumaran a committee member of SLSAJ, prepared the “Pongal rice” and has drawn the “Kolam decorations” giving an excellent explanation of the Thaipongal celebrations to the participants.

The celebrations comprised Sri Lankan musical performances by “Ahindas JP” a Sri Lankan student community band in Tokyo. Authentic Sri Lankan food prepared by the well-wishers was served during the event. Mr. Amila Abeynayaka (President of SLSAJ) representing the organizing committee thanked the Sri Lankan community for gathering around Sri Lankan Students’ Association in Japan to make the event successful.

Pictures: Please click here


SLSAJ Would like to Thank everyone who helped to conduct the event successfully

New year and Thaipongal 2014 SLSAJ

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