2011-November 26-SLSAJ Annual research Session & AGM

Invitation for The Annual Research Session/ AGM 2011

Annual Research Session of SLSAJ which is the forum of Academic Professionals and Researchers in Japan intended to discuss on research themes of the academic community is to be held on 26thNovember 2011.The Research session will be followed by a session with Job recruitment facilitating companies(3 companies), the Annual General Meeting of SLSAJ, SLSAJ Mega show, Get Together with a ‘Peduru Party’ in the evening & DJ.

The details of the event are as follows;

Date: 26th November 2011

Venue: Multipurpose Hall, Komaba International House,

Time:  9.30 a.m onwards

The detailed program of the day is attached herewith for your convenience.SLSAJ Research Session 2011

We SLSAJ would kindly request your valuable participation for the Annual Research Session & the other sessions. We would be grateful if you can allocate your valuable time for the occasion and extend your cooperation to make the event a fruitful one.

The invitation for the ‘SLSAJ Mega Show/Peduru Party’ and the map of Komaba International House are attached herewith…

For any clarification or any information regarding the event, pls contact;

Dinush (Secretary) – 09099757792

Lankesh(Treasurer) – 08044072109

Please kindly RSVP to the event by following the below link since it will help us to do the necessary arrangements (seating, food, etc) having a proper count of the number of participants…


Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation to RSVP to the event and to participate the event…

2011-November-26 SLSAJ Mega Show

Pls note that SLSAJ is planning to organize a Mega show to give you all an opportunity to show your talents. Pls kindly refer below for more details and Pls apply on or before August 17th for us to organize this event successfully.

Date: November 26th

Venue: Komaba International House

(Note: This session will be held after the Annual Reseach session & the AGM.)

Pls kindly use below link to apply……


For more details, pls contact,


Dinush- dinushchanaka@gmail.com/ slsajsec@gmail.com

We kindly request you to apply for this to have a great event….!!!

2011-June-26 Alms Giving at Komaba Hall

Sri Lankan Students’ Association (SLSAJ), is organizing the association’s Annual Alms Giving for the year 2011. The details of the event are as follows;


  • Date: 26th June 2011
  • Venue: Multi Purpose Hall, Komaba International House,( TEL+81-3-6407-7458)
  • Time: 10.00 am onwards

The objectives of the association in organizing the event for this year are,

  • Commemorating 2600th Anniversary of Lord Buddha’s Enlightenment
  • Commemorating the victims of the recent Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan
  • Blessing Japan and its natives for being safe from such disastrous situations
  • Blessing Sri Lanka, the Government and Sri Lankan in the routine of being the ‘Wonder of Asia’
  • Blessing the Sri Lankan community in Japan…

With all these objectives, the current committee is doing some changes to the program and this year’s event consists of several sessions as mentioned below.

  • 10.00  – Preparation for the Alms Giving
  • 10.30  – ‘Buddha Pooja’
  • 11.00 – Meditation
  • 11.30  – Offering Alms to ‘Maha Sangha’ (expectation 15 Thero)
  • 12.30  – Lunch for the participants
  • 13.30 – Anushasana
  • 14.30 – Pirith Preaching
  • 15.30 – Refreshment
  • 16.00 – ‘Bodu Bethi Gee Saraniya (Buddhist Songs)

We as SLSAJ, cordially invite you and wish your valuable presence to make this event a successful as the Sri Lankan community in Japan.

If you would like to extend your valuable helping hand towards the event your contributions in the means of;

  • Food Items for Alms to Maha Sangha (You are not supposed to offer the whole requirement)
  • Financial contribution for Pirikara
  • Assistance in organizing the event

Please let us know if you are willing to provide a contribution and we really appreciate your contributions as we know that it is a token of appreciation for us as well as the real strength behind SLSAJ going for organizing an event in this scale. To ease our organizing work, we highly appreciate if we are informed about your contribution through;

We are looking forward for your valuable presence for the event.

2011-May-10 Calling for Research Papers/ Proposals for SLSAJ Research Journal (Volume 11)

Annual Research Journal of SLSAJ 2011 – Requesting for papers

Annual Research Journal of SLSAJ 2011 edition is to be published in October 2011parallel to the Research Session of SLSAJ. As of now, the current SLSAJ committee is intending to organise the Research session in the month of October 2011 which we will inform you as the dates are fixed and the Research Journal will be published on the same day during the event.

The journal is intended to have;

  • Research papers accepted after the review and corrections process.
  • Proposals focused on development of Sri Lanka.
  • Practical applications/ implications in the form of a proposal which might be derived from your researches.

As usual, all the papers will be evaluated by an assigned evaluation committee comprising of academic professionals from relevant streams.

This year we are calling papers early with the intention of having a thorough review process and also to have time for appropriate changes to papers and proposals.

As SLSAJ has done previously, this time too, the journal will be distributed

  • To all authors who submits papers
  • To all participants to the Research sessions of SLSAJ
  • To all members of the Evaluation committee
  • To Universities and Academic Institutions in Sri Lanka

This year, however, in addition to those, Papers will be appearing on

  • National Science Foundation (NSF) website (in Digitalised format)
  • SLSAJ website (in pdf format)
  • National Diet Library in Japan (Japanese National Center for ISSN) – if we get ISSN which we are in the appropriate proceeding process now

Due to this new appearances in the e-formats, please avoid any copy right issues and related legal issues as ultimately this will be appearing online.

Further, during the research session, the authors of published and selected papers will be given an opportunity to present your research/ proposal this time.

So, when you submit your papers for the journal, please kindly indicate your preferences and the statement on the below mentioned factors;

  • I prefer to present the submitted research at the Research Session – Yes/ No
  • I assure that there won’t be any issue of publishing this paper on the web – Yes/ No

Please collect the paper format attached herewith for your reference.

SLSAJ Journal Paper format 2011

Please send your papers before June 30, 2011 to

It would be a great privilege for us to be a platform to take your valuable papers to general public. We hope all of you will give your fullest supports to make this a successful event.

2011-March-05 Shramadanaya at Sri Sambuddhaloka Viharaya-Ibaraki

Pls note that SLSAJ is planning a Shramadanaya at Sri Sambuddhaloka Viharaya on March 5th,Saturday, 10.00 am onwards for helping the construction of the Buddha statue and other constructions currently taking place at the temple premises on 
Address of the temple:
No. 1000,Tegomaru,Tsukuba-shi,Ibaraki-ken.300-2647
We really appreciate your participation for this great event.
Pls kindly RSVP from the below event since we are planning to provide the lunch. 

2011-April 03 SLSAJ cricket Fiesta-Postponed

Pls note that SLSAJ has decided to postponed the cricket match after considering the current situation in Japan….
Pls note that SLSAJ is planning to play a cricket match during this period of world cup cricket.Hope this will be a good opportunity to get together and play under the cool breeze.
Let the match begin
Stand up for the SLSAJ cricket at its best
Cricket is the most wonderful form of entertainment in the world
Its going to get hot & need your sportsmenship, courage to make it a success.
Date:April 03 2011
Starting of the match:10.00 am
Playing cricket:10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
Lunch:2.00 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.
Party time:2.30 p.m to 6.00 p.m
Pls kindly RSVP using the below link for us to organixe this in a better way.

2010-May-23 : Alms Giving

SLSAJ with the cooperation of the Sri Lankan community in Japan successfully held an Alms Giving to ‘Maha Sangha’ at Gothami Vihara, Hatagaya on 23.05.2010

The program was enhanced by a fruitful Discussion on Religious Topics under the guidance of ‘Maha Sangha’