Study and Career Guidance Seminar for Sri Lankan Students in Japan

Study and Career Guidance Seminar for Sri Lankan Students in Japan
(Saturday, October 14th from 9AM to 1PM@ Aoyama Oval Building 15F)
ජපන් සහ සිංහල බසින් විස්තරය පහතින් ඇත.  Registration

Japan is a country full with opportunities.
But we have to take right decisions at the right time when it comes to our studies here in Japan.
We, Srilankan community organize this seminar for you to show the path for Success.

You all may have following concerns! Then join with us!

1. Don’t know how to select a perfect study option after Japanese Language School?
2. Need to find an affordable but good school to Study? And about Scholarships?
3. Need to know how should I prepare during my time at Language School?
4. I don’t know how and when to start Job hunting process?
5. Need to know what skills should I improve as Students?

Event Topics! (Sinhala & Japanese Medium)

1. How to plan your further study on Japan, Tools to select a School
(With stories from your seniors)
2. Schools options! Look beyond Tokyo
3. Selecting a area to study, considering the visa
4. Let’s talk with senior students!

Place and Access! See the map at the bottom of the page

Aoyama Oval Bldg 15F (Tokyoto Shibuyaku Jigumae5-52-2)

Access: Omotesando Station B2 Exit 4 min

Aruna 090-1711-6395 (SLPAJ)
Hacitha 090-8451-4297 (SLPAJ)
Shyam 080-4620-2722 (SLSAJ)
Sampath 080-3522-8702 (SLAJ)





1. 日本語学校卒業後の良い進学先の選び方が分からない
2. 奨学金や学費について
3. 日本語学校の通学中、進学準備について
4. 日本での就職活動について
5. 学生時代どういう力を身に着くべきか


1. 留学計画を立てましょう!役に立つツール
2. 進学先!東京だけではない!
3. 在留資格と進学先
4. 先輩たちに聞いて見よう!

〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前5-52-2

「表参道」駅 B2出口 徒歩4分

Career Fair 2017

ජපානයේ රැකියාවක් කරන්න ඔබත් කැමතිද? මෙන්න ඒ ගැන විස්තර දැන ගන්න හොඳම අවස්ථාවක්. ශ්‍රී ලංකා වෘතීය වේදීන්ගේ සංගමය සන්විධානය කරන ජපානයේ ප්‍රමුඛ පෙලේ ආයතන තුනක් සහබාගීවන රැකියා වෙලඳපොලට සහබාගී වීමට ඔබටත් ආරාධනා.
මෙය ඔබ සියලු දෙනාටම පහසු වෙලාවක් වන රාත්‍රි 7 ට ශ්‍රීලංකා තානාපති කාර්යාලයේ පැවැත්වීමට කටයුතු යොදා ඇත.
සහභාගි වන්නට කැමති අය පහත form එක පුරවන්න
වැඩි විස්තර පහත website එකෙන් ලබාගත හැක
With the cooperation of Leading Japanese Companies, Sri Lanka Professionals Association in Japan (SLPAJ), is conducting the “Career Fair 2017”, a workshop for supporting graduate students to find jobs in Japan.
The workshop will be held on 22nd June 2017 from 07.00pm to 09.30pm at Embassy of Sri Lanka. It will be a great opportunity to undergraduates, graduates and mid-career employees to find new career opportunities and built new networks.
Those who are interested please fill the attached google sheet to inform your willingness to participate.
For more information, please refer the attached link below.

Job oppertunity Japan ( is assisting a Japanese Corporation to recruit candidates for its operations in Singapore.

This company specialized in EPC: Engineering Procurement and Consulting. It has been categorized as the world 2nd largest in its field of oil & gas industry.
We are looking for Financial Cost Controller to join them offering a competitive salary.
The candidates must be proficient in Japanese (writing and reading) as she/he will report to the Mother Company in Japan.
I would like your help to spread the information among the members of your organization.
This is a good opportunity for foreigners living in Japan having acquired the language and wanting to expand their experience and knowledge.

Please find the link for the specifics of this position:

Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Mohamed Salah Mahjoub,PhD
H/P: +813 6272 9760 ● Improving Lives Through Better Careers
NOSAI KAIKAN Building, 19 Ichiban-cho, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan 102-0082
DL: +813 6272 9761 ● Fax: +8150 3156 0620 ● Web site:

2011-October-28-Takeda Business Game (Career Academy in Takeda; CAT-G)

CAT-G is a simulation game which four individuals create a team and manage a pharmaceutical business. It’s a global competition which will provide a great exposure, a good experience and much more benefits.
Please note that;
– The competition is open to international students enrolled in Japan
– Applications need to be done as a team (of 4 members)
– Members have to be from one university
– The application due date is 14 November 2011
– For more details please visit below links

Go for it. Have a great exposure.
Good Luck!

Information courtesy:

2011-October-21 Information about a Job opportunity at Towadenki

Pls kindly refer the below message regarding a job opportunity at Towadenki. If you wish to apply, pls kindly proceed as below.
Dear Friends,
Last Tuesday I had a business meeting with Mr.HIRANO Tosikazu, The manager of Tokyo branch of Towadenki.
His company is interested in taking foreign workers to their company because they are dealing with many foreign factories.
If you are looking for any job, this will be a nice opportunity.
Please refer the attached file.
The application closing date will be 24th of this month.
If you have any thing to know you can directly contact Mr.HIRANO tosikazu (  too.
Best regards,
Prabhath Weerawardhana

The University of Tokyo

touewa_denki (1)

2011-April-25 Job Oppurtunit​ies-Standa​rd Chartered’​s Internatio​nal Graduate Programme

Pls refer below for the information received on job opportunities in Standerd charted Bank.(International Graduate program).Standard Chartered’s International Graduate Programme is a two-year programme for last year students, graduates, post-graduates and alumni. It offers job vacancies in 29 countries.It starts on 1st September 2011 with an induction in Malaysia and offers various rotations within the chosen country and also rotations within business divisions. The graduation from IG Programme takes place in August 2013 in Singapor.
Sri Lanka together with 18 Asian countries, which take part in the IG
Programme, offer numerous graduate job vacancies in the following
business divisions:
– Wholesale Banking
– Consumer Banking (requires Masters degree)
– Human Resources
– Corporate Real Estate Services (CRES)
– Group Internal Audit
The programmes are available to the students of any majors or fields of studies. Applications from candidates of wide range of degree disciplines are welcomed. No background in finance is obligatory,  however those studying majors requiring analytical skills are more likely to succeed in the recruitment process.
The salary is competitive and it will vary in each country.
Each of the programmes offer rotations within business divisions.
A participant of each one of IG Programmes:
– is exposed to different cultures and working styles
–  is introduced to the position by experienced managers and our business supporters
– has an entire talent team looking after him or her
– receives strengths coaching from the outset
Best of luck with your career…..!!!

2011-April-25 Informatio​n regarding Career Gateway to Asia spring registrati​on

Pls refer the below message recived from the “Career gate way to Asia” regarding the internships oppurtunities. Pls note that it requires certain level of Japanese language capabilities and pls check with them if you are intersted.

Pls refer below for more details…..

Our Spring registration period will be as follows.

April 25th 2011 – June 24th 2011

(We are also planning a autumn registration. Details will be sent before

registration begins)

Our registration URL is as follows.(Currently not open. Will open on the


I have also attached an informing letter and flyer image.

However, since our program requires a certain Japanese language level,

all information for registration including the attached files are only

given in Japanese.

Thank you for your cooperation.

We will be looking forward to seeing many Sri Lankan students join our



Kyoko Segawa

‘Career Gateway to Asia’ by Non-Profit Organization WIL

TEL: +81-3-5662-3662




We hope these information will help you to get internships and pls directly contact them if you are intersted.

Best of luck……!!!!

2011-March-26 Internship Opportunities for March 2011 Graduates

Pls kindly refer the below information for 6 months internship opportunity provided by Jobstreet.This is a government subsidized program targeted to March 2011 Graduates. If you are interested pls let us know.

Paid Internship for 6 months… Company: Japan Duration: 6 months Compensation: JPY7,000/day Duties: 1 Publicity targeting job seekers; 2 Sales and marketing targeting employers; 3 Implementation support for hiring events; 4 Administrative work. Location: Hanzohmon, Tokyo Qualification: -March 2011 Graduates of Universities in Japan; -Those who have not found a permanent position. September 2010 Graduates are also applicable.

2011-February-17 Message from IBM Malaysia! – Opportunities for Japanese-speaking talents



Hope this email reached you at an excellent time.

IBM Malaysia is looking for people with Japanese language skills for various Finance and Accounting related openings and we are wondering if any of your members would be interested to apply.

Please check the email below for the details of the positions. This is an excellent opportunity if you are after international work experience in a prestigious company.

Background and experience in Finance and Accounting is not required and training will be provided to those who will qualify. Basic requirement is the candidate should have interest and passion with regard to learning and doing Finance and Accounting related work, must be computer literate and have knowledge in MS Excel, and should also have good business sense/knowledge.

We hope that you can forward or post this on your website, Facebook group, and other social networking sites or channels.

Interested individuals can apply online. Thanks!

Best regards,

IBM Malaysia Recruitment Team
Join Us. Let’s Build a Smarter Planet.

We are looking at hiring a lot of Japanese Multilingual Professionals for various Finance and Accounting Positions this year. Having said that we would like to start sourcing for candidates for these positions as early as now.

The ideal candidate must be proficient in speaking, reading, and writing using the Japanese Language. We prefer those who are native speakers or those with at least JLPT 2 certification in the said language. Accounting and Finance background and experience is not required because training will be provided to those who will be hired without or have little knowledge/expertise.What is important is that the candidate must have the said language skill, must have aptitude for numbers, and must have the drive and interest in pursuing the said career path.

We are currently sourcing for candidates for the following position:
(Note: Click the job title to access the online job portal in case you are interested to apply)
1. Japanese Speaking Financial Analyst

    · Analyze contract values, forecast, budget, actual, and business dynamics.
    · Interact with the business units and project executives and finance controllers on the forecast, actual, budget and business metrics.
    · Develop forecast and budget variance analysis and provide business assessments in an ongoing basis. Design, prepare, and present detailed analysis of business issues and recommend solutions to senior management.

2. Japanese Speaking Accounting Analyst

    · Prepare local financial statements in accordance with local GAAP
    · Comply with country legal and statutory reporting requirements
    · Provide periodic financial reports to country and regional management
    – Provide advise and counsel to management on US and country GAAP and guidelines
    · Perform self-inspection on work areas and implement measures to ensure compliance to IBM and country accounting practices and guidelines
    For more information about IBM Malaysia please check our website at

You can also check and join our Facebook Recruitment Group Page at

Thank you very much!