Why do a PhD?

Extract from: The PhD Application Handbook. (Open University Press) by Peter Bentley

You have to be a little strange to want to do a doctorate. You’ll be giving up the chance to earn some real money in a steady job, for several years of little or no money. You’ll be losing the simplicity of regular hours and a boss who tells you want to do, for the complications of setting your own agenda and planning your own work. Why do you want to do a doctorate? No, really. Why? You need to be very clear in your mind what the reasons are. Thankfully, there are some very good reasons why a normal, sane person would choose to do a doctorate. If any of these make sense to you, then you are on the right track:

Good reasons to do a PhD
…To achieve something significant
Those who have ambitions to make money should become entrepreneurs. But if you are ambitious in that you wish to challenge yourself, push yourself to new heights or achieve a difficult goal, then a doctorate may be for you.

…To discover or learn something new
Those who never lose their childlike curiosity of the world make great researchers. If you feel a driving force pushing you to explore and learn new things, then you may love research, and find a doctorate is perfect for you.

…To improve yourself and your life
Doing a PhD for the sake of a pay rise is not a good reason. But if you want to improve your abilities to understand and solve problems, increase your confidence, make yourself a better communicator and gain skills that may lead to a better job, then a doctorate may be right for you.

…It fits you
Some people are made for a doctorate. You might have grown up doing countless little ‘research projects’ as hobbies. You might have a natural thirst for knowledge or an insatiable appetite for reading books about a particular topic. You might have had a life-long fascination – even obsession – about something significant. If this sounds like you, and you can tailor a doctorate to suit your particular needs, then you’ll love it.

Bad reasons to do a PhD
Most of us have several reasons for wanting to do a doctorate, and of course they’re not all good. Here are some common bad reasons why some people consider a PhD (and I know there was a certain amount of ‘bad reason 5’ that led to my own choice.):

…Keeping your visa
If you are thinking of a doctorate because you want to keep your student visa and stay in the UK or at your current university a little longer – don’t. You must not use a PhD as a method to stay close to your friends or family, any more than you should commit a crime and have yourself locked up in jail. It is not worth it. And jail is the cheapest and easiest option by far.

…Peer pressure
If you’re thinking of a doctorate because all your friends are going to try, well done on having some clever friends. But you will have to do the doctorate, not them. How will you feel if they all achieve their PhDs while you struggle on, year after year, getting further and further into debt?

…Horrible job
If you are doing a job that you hate and just want to quit – then find another job. A PhD is not an escape hatch through which you fall into a better world, it is a long steep staircase that takes extreme perseverance to climb.

…Fulfilling the ambitions of others
If your partner or parents think that you should do a doctorate because they wished that they had – tell them to do one themselves. It must be your own ambition that drives you, not the ambition of anyone else. Otherwise you will resent them during the tough times of your work and blame them if it goes wrong.

If everyone is telling you to go and get a job and you don’t like being told what to do, then make sure you are rebelling towards something you want, and not simply away from irritating parents or a boring town.

…Misplaced genius complex
If you think you are brilliant and will solve all of the world’s problems, but every one of your undergrad lecturers is telling you that your ideas are unworkable and that you are not cut out for a doctorate – it is quite likely that they are right and you are wrong.

You might feel that your talents are never appreciated and you crave more respect from people around you. Perhaps you like the idea of impressing by showing a credit card with ‘Dr’ on it. This is not as daft as it sounds, for doctors do genuinely receive preferential treatment, and in some countries are treated with enormous respect. You are more likely to get a better job as well. However, if insecurity is your main driving force then you may struggle, for you will be surrounded by professors and post-docs who are more experienced than you throughout the course of your PhD. You will receive respect from them when you earn it, not because of the `Dr’ which they have themselves.

…You’ve done this kind of thing before
If you have worked in a similar area, you may have already done research or activities very similar to those that you will do during a doctorate. Or perhaps you have done a research-based project for your MSc. This is excellent experience and will help you, but a word of warning: most people think they know what they are letting themselves in for, and they are wrong. An undergraduate or MSc project does not give a proper taste of a PhD any more than a beansprout makes a Chinese meal. Working in industry is very different from academia. Even for someone with experience, the doctorate is not as easy as you might think.

Hopefully, you will find that more of the good reasons apply to you than the bad ones. Be honest with yourself. You are thinking of embarking on something that can change your life, either for better or worse, depending on you.


why do a phd

May Festival – The University of Tokyo

The Annual May festival of The University of Tokyo will be held on 19th and 20th of May 2018 from 9 am to 6 pm at Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo. This is the biggest academic and cultural festival held in UTokyo, organized by the students of The University of Tokyo.

This year also The UTokyo Sri Lankan Students’ Association is organizing a Sri Lankan food stall which will give everybody an opportunity to taste authentic and delicious Sri Lankan cuisine.

We warmly welcome you all to visit the May festival and the Sri Lankan food stall.

Taste delicious Sri Lankan foods and take a glance at Sri Lankan culture ..!!




2018年開催 第91回五月祭


6th Annual Conference on Sri Lanka-Japan Collaborative Research (SLJCR-2018)

The 6th annual Conference on Sri Lanka-Japan Collaborative Research will be held from 31st August to 1st September, 2018 at University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

The SLJCR conference is organized by the Sri Lanka-Japan Study Center (SLJSC) in collaboration with the International Affairs Office (IAO) of University of Peradeniya. The event will provide a great opportunity for scientists of Japan and Sri Lanka to present their findings of collaborative research, to exchange the latest advances in their fields of study, and to initiate new collaborative research

On behalf of the organizing committee, I am pleased to announce the call for abstracts from the researchers and natural and social scientists of Japan and Sri Lanka, to present their collaborative research outputs on modern science at this prestigious event. Prospective authors are invited to submit abstracts, authored by both Sri Lankan and Japanese scientists, on or before 10th June, 2018 through the email: sljcr2018@gmail.com.

The abstract preparation guidelines can be found on http://www.pdn.ac.lk/ic/sljcr/2018/Submission.html. Submitted abstracts will be acknowledged within three days after submission and reviewed by the reviewing committee. Accepted abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts. For further details regarding the conference, please refer to our website, http://www.pdn.ac.lk/ic/sljcr/2018/index.html.

Please be kind enough to circulate this information among Faculties and Departments of your University, and other interested participants. For any inquiries regarding the conference, please contact the secretary of the conference through sljcr2018@gmail.com.

We look forward to receiving your abstracts.

Thank you.

SLJCR 2018

සරණාගත වීසා සදහා ඉල්ලුම් කරන්නේ කෙසේද?

ලංකාවේ කූට වියාපාරිකයන් කිහිප දෙනෙක් නිසා අපේම මිනිස්සු ජපානයට අවිත් අමාරුවෙ වැටෙන හැටි දැකල ඇතිවූ සංවේගය 😢😢 නිසාම ඔබ සියලු දෙන දැනුවත් කරන්නට සිතුවේ.

🏵”සරණාගත වීසා සදහා ඉල්ලුම් කරන්නේ කෙසේදා?
සරණාගත් වීසා සදහා ඉල්ලුම් කිරිම තම මවු රටේ සිටම සිදු කල හැකි නමුත් එය සාර්ථක ක්‍රමයක් වශයෙන් කියන්න අමාරුයි ඒත් එහෙම සරණාගත වීසා ලබා ගත්ත අයද නැතුවම නොවේ.ඒ සදහා ප්‍රබල සාක්ෂි ඉදිරිපත් කිරීමක් සිදු කල යුතුය.දෙවෙනි ක්‍රමය නම් ජපානයට VISIT වීසා හරහා හෝ BUSINESS වීසා හරහා පැමිණ සරණාගත වීසා සදහා ඉල්ලුම් කිරීමයි. TRAINING වීසා හෝ STUDENT වීසා හරහා පැමිණ සරණාගත් වීසා සදහා ඉල්ලුම් කල හැකි මුත් එය වාඩා සාර්ථක ක්‍රමයක් නොවේ.2017 නොවැම්බර් මාසයෙන් පසු වෙනස් වූ නීතියට අනුව STUDENT සහා TRAINING වීසා පැමිණෙන කිසිම අයෙකුට සරණාගත වීසා නොලැබේ.
සරණාගත වීසා සදහා ඉල්ලුම් කරන ඕනෑම අයකුට තමන්ගේ ආරක්ෂාව වෙනුවෙන් ජපානය තුළ තාවකාලිකව රැදි සිටීමට හැකි බලපත්‍රයක් ලැබේ.එය උපරිම වශයෙන් මාස 6කට සීමා වේ.සමහර පුද්ගලයන්ට ඉට වඩා අඩු කාළයක්ද ලැබිය හැක.ගොඩක් අය හිතන්නේ එක තමා වීසා එක කියලා එක වීසා එක නෙවෙයි ඒ තාවකාලිකව ජපනයේ රැදී සිටීමට ලබ දෙන බලපත්‍රයකි.ඉට පසු මාස 6න් 6ට නඩුව ක්‍රියාත්මක වේ.ඉට අමතරව අගමන විගමන එකෙන් කියන කියන දවසට පරීක්ෂණ වලට IMMIGRATION එකට යන්න ඕන. ඒ විදියට අවුරුදු 2ත් 3ත් අතර කලායක් නඩුව යනවා.හරියට ඔප්පු කරගන්න පුලුවන් වුණොත් යන කාළය මීටත් වඩා අඩුවෙන්නත් පුලුවන්.ඒකට හොද ලෝයර් කෙනෙක් අල්ලලා තමා වැඩේ කර ගන්න ඕන.නඩුව ඉවර උනාම තමා වීසා එක හම්බ වෙන්නේ පොතට.එතකන් තවකලික කොලේ තම අතේ තියෙන්නේ.වීසා හම්බ උනේ නැති උනොත් හැරෙන තැපෑලෙන් ගෙදර.” (උපුටා ගැනීම ජප්පා-Jappa පිටුවෙන් )

🏵මෙලෙස සරණාගත වීසා ලබා දෙන්නෙ ඉතා ස්වල්ප දෙනෙකුට පමණයි. ඇත්තටම මෙම ප්‍රතිශතය ඉතාම දශම අගයකි. නමුත් කිහිප දෙනෙක් වංචාකරුවන්ගේ උගුලට හසුවී මෙහෙ පැමිණ ඔවුන් විසින් නවාතැන් රැකියා සහ විසා ලබාදෙයි කියා සිත පැමිණ අමාරුවෙ වැටෙති.

🏵ඔබ ජපානයට එන්න කැමතිනම් රැකියාවක් සොයාගෙන හෝ ජපානයට පැමිණ උත්සහයෙන් ඉගෙනගෙන රැකියාවක් කිරීමට පැමිණෙන්න. shortcuts වලින් එන්නට ගොස් අමාරුවේ වැටෙන්නට එපා…. මිතුරන්ටත් මෙ පණිවිඩය ලබාදෙන්න


Sri Lanka New year celebrations -Organizing New Year Games

This year SLSAJ have a bigger role in organizing the Sri Lanka New year celebrations event which is planned to be held on 15th  of April 2018 at Toride ryokuchi grounds, Toride Shi, Ibaraki-ken. Therefore,  as members, we need your help in organizing New Year Games.
Anybody who is interested in extending your support towards game organizing, please be kind enough to fill and submit the following form to support us. 
ජපානයේ කන්තෝ බක්මහ උලෙළේ ක්‍රීඩා සංවිධානය සඳහා  උදවු වීමට කැමතිනම්. ඔබත් පහත form එක පුරවා එකතුව වන්න

SLJCR 2018

Every year, Sri Lanka-Japan Study Centre (SLJSC) organizes the Conference on Sri Lanka-Japan Collaborative Research (SLJCR), which allows scientists to exchange the latest advances in their fields of study and provides an environment that fosters and share new collaborations and research ideas.

The 2018 Conference will be held on August 31st – September 01.

More info: Conference details (click here)

SLJCR 2018



“ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ ජනප්‍රියම ටෙලිනාට්‍ය “දෙවෙනි ඉනිම” දෙරණ “Dream Star ආදරණීය තරු ප්‍රථම වරට සකුරා දේශයට… සුන්දර ප්‍රසංගයක් දැකබලාගැනීමට ඔබත් එන්න 👉මාර්තු 11👈
Dete-:march 11 Time-:2:00pm~7:00pm
Venue-:joso chiiki koryu center
2010 Shin ishige Joso shi Ibaraki ken