Sri Lanka New year celebrations -Organizing New Year Games

This year SLSAJ have a bigger role in organizing the Sri Lanka New year celebrations event which is planned to be held on 15th  of April 2018 at Toride ryokuchi grounds, Toride Shi, Ibaraki-ken. Therefore,  as members, we need your help in organizing New Year Games.
Anybody who is interested in extending your support towards game organizing, please be kind enough to fill and submit the following form to support us.
ජපානයේ කන්තෝ බක්මහ උලෙළේ ක්‍රීඩා සංවිධානය සඳහා  උදවු වීමට කැමතිනම්. ඔබත් පහත form එක පුරවා එකතුව වන්න


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