Preparation for visiting Japan

1) A adaptor is need to match Sri Lankan style plugs to Japanese plug bases

2) Many things can be found as 100 yen shop

popular shop    

more info

3) What to bring from Sri Lanka

Even most of the things can be found in Japan, you may bring the essential items needed for your daily life according to you baggage allowance

in other areas also there may be these kinds of shops but We don’t know details

  • Cloths
    • Suit for official events  
    • National Dress (Sarong /saree )
    • White clothes if you like to go to temple
    • Winter clothes (Jacket – can be brought from house of fashion Colombo)
      • cold season start From December to end of march
    • Other clothes for daily life
    • Trousers, shirts,T-shirts,Blouses  

popular Cheap Japanese shops

You don’t need to think of style, in Japan, you can wear any style you prefer

  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste , Towel, 1 soap
  • Shoes + Sandals  
  • Some souvenirs  to to give your professor,Tutor ..  ( Tea, Keytags)
  • Knife
  • 1-2 books , 1-2 pen (Can buy from Japan easily )

popular online shop

4) Basics words in Japanese

  • Thank you – Arigatou gozaimasu
  • Yes –  hai
  • No – iie   
  • Don’t understand -wakarimasen
  • 10 basics words

5) Second-hand goods

          There are few other websites and many fb groups

6) Things you have to do in the first few days

  • Register your address at city office & take insurance card
  • make bank account
  • get discounted railway pass (for students)

7) Mobile phones

There are two main packages  and a  new package  

  1. only calls -around 1000-1500 yen  per month (normal cheap phone )
  2. smartphone (iPhone,Galaxy ,Xperia)


    1. if you take two year contract they will give phone  for free (*please check more details)
    2. for this package normally it is compulsory to have internet package
    3. price for calls ~1000 + for internet ~6500 = 7500
    4. please check whether you can cancel internet or not
    5. main thing you need to know is how much totally for one month 🙂 (Ikka (one) getsu (month)  ikura (how much) deska (?)        (Sembude (totally)
    6. It is worth to have a smartphone with internet if you don’t think too much about prize
  1. This is kind of new trend.

data + phone number for a cheap price <2000

But they do not provide a phone you have to buy a phone by yourself please check yourself

8) Accommodation

Most universities provide accommodation to newcomers. In Case you need to find out about apartments you can refer to following popular agents   (apartment for a single person is around 50,000 yen /month in Tokyo. The process of making a housing contract is difficult and need help from someone who knows Japanese


9) please contacts Sri Lankan student association if you like to participate their events or if you need any help or advice


Please note, we do not guarantee all the above information is 100 perfect, so please check yourself too. This is just a guidance.

And we would appreciate your suggestions and comments to improve this further


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