Annual Trip 2014

SLSAJ Annual Trip 2014

Main destination: Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka

25th and 26th October 2014

You are kindly invited to the SLSAJ annual trip and let’s have fun & share the joy with everybody. Please register as soon as possible in order to support organizers to make better arrangement of facilities such as foods, accommodation, etc.

Registration can be done online from the link below.

Online registration

Main Sightseeing Locations

1.  Lake Ashinoko – Hakone

Ashinoko is a very attractive lake located at the vicinity of Mt. Fuji. This is located at around 723m from the sea level. The lakeside gate of Hakone shrine can be seen from here. If the autumn comes fast in this year, you could be able to see the autumn color change there.

2. Shuzenji Niji-no-Sato


When you pass through the entrance, you can experience the different kind of villages and gardens. All together there are four villages and three gardens. In this beautiful place you can relax and enjoy with your families in a green environment. You can get more information of this place from here.

 3. West Amagi Plateau

West Amagi Plateau is located in Izu peninsula and its altitude is around 750m. You can see a splendid view of Mt. Fuji and the Pacific ocean if the weather is not cloudy. In this beautiful green-land,  you could see  grazing cattle; sometimes even deer.

 4. Dogashima Cave and Islands (20 min Boat Tour)


A very attractive rocky coastline can be observed at Dogashima and it is located in the west side of the Izu peninsula. At Dogashima coastline you can see many islands featured with rock cliffs. We have arranged a fantastic 20 minutes boat tour to a natural cave which will be very impressive. Short video of the boat tour is available here.

5. Kawazu Nanadaru Loop Bridge


Kawazu-Nanadaru Loop Bridge is a special type of bridge which is spiral in shape. The length of the ramp section is 1.1km and the diameter of the loop is 80m. The  rise of the bridge is 45m and it was constructed in 1982. You can go through this bridge during the trip.


We have arranged accommodation for 55 people (maximum) in Minami-izu waterfront home. Further details of the location can be found here (in Japanese).  We are under planning of some outdoor activities there (Ex. Campfire, outdoor cooking, games, etc.)


Trip Fee (All are in Japanese Yen)

Category Adult (over 12) 6 to 11 4 to 5 Less than 4
SLSAJ Member 7,500-8,500 3000 1500 500
Spouse of a SLSAJ Member (Dependent Visa) (Will get 1000 discount from the SLSAJ member fee) 3000 1500 500
SLSAJ honorary member, well-wisher and Invited Personals 8,500-10,000 3000 1500 500
New Student (Will get 1000 discount from the SLSAJ member fee) 3000 1500 500

*Dogashima boat excursion ticket and – Shuzenji Niji-no-Sato tickets will be given at discounted price (not included to the above fees).

*Cost for all the meals listed below are included to the trip fee.
1st  day breakfast: In the bus
1st  day Lunch: Lunch from Ceylon Inn
1st  day dinner: Minami-izu waterfront home
2nd  day Lunch: Japanese Lunch Packets
2nd  day breakfast: Minami-izu waterfront home


The trip will be started from Shinjuku. In order to visit all the sightseeing locations in relax mode as scheduled, the punctuality of all the participants is very important. Please see the following schedule and make arrangements to come Shinjuku JR station – west exit by 07:40 (25 October 2014).

Please contact for further information:
Amila: 080 4801 xxxx(AU)
Udara: 080 4415 xxxx (Softbank)
Isuru: 080 4912 xxxx(Softbank)
Samith: 080 4633 xxxx (Docomo)
Panduka: 080 4948 xxxx (Softbank)
Supun: 080 3572 xxxx
Dulini: 080 4474 xxxx
Kavinda: 080 5512 xxxx (AU)
Amila Fernando: 080 4858 xxxx

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