2011-October-13 Information about a National Conference on Technology & Management organized by SLIIT

Pls refer the below message received from one of our past SLSAJ member regarding a conference on Technology & Management which covers Engineering (Electronic related areas), IT and Management. Pls kindly refer the below message received from him for more details.

If you would like to contribute for this by reviewing papers( holding a master degree is sufficient) or publishing papers, pls contact Dr. Pradeep Abegunawardhana (pradeep.a@sliit.lk ) directly.


I am a past member of SLSAJ.  I studied at Keio University. Please circulate this among SJSAJ Members.

The research Center of SLIIT has organized a national conference and it will be named as National conference on Technology and Management. Call for paper is attached herewith. Please visit our website,


This will be the one and only national conference in Sri Lanka which covers Engineering (Electronic related areas), IT and Management. I invite all of you to submit your papers which are under areas  related to NCTM 2012.

Meantime I would like to invite you to the Program Committee of NCTM. I assure that you will not be asked to review more than 2 papers. I’ll appreciate your prompt response together with the areas of papers if you agree to serve.

Your help towards sucess of NCTM 2012 is grately appreciated.


Dr. Pradeep Abegunawardhana,

Head/ SLIIT Research Center

Dr.Pradeep K. W. Abeygunawardhana
Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology(SLIIT),
Malabe Campus,
New Kandy Road,


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