2011-June-02 A kind request from a SLSAJ-2011- Committee member

Pls kindly note that one of our committee member,Samanthi is looking for help to save the valuable life of her aunt who is currently suffering from an end stage kidney disease.Samanthi is currently doing her master studies in University of Tokyo and she is a very active member of our committee. Pls kindly read the below massage received from her. We hope you will give your best support to save this valuable life

My dear friends,

Join hand to save my aunt

Mrs.G.A Ramani, my aunt (wife of my own uncle), who lives in Weeraketiya is diagnosed to have an end stage kidney failure. She is just 41 years old, nursery school teacher and my uncle is also a farmer. They have a son who is 9 years old. She is already under the medical supervision of Dr.S.M. Senevirathna, National Institute of Nephrology, Colombo and Dr.Senevirathna recomended that immediate kidney transplantation is essential for her survival. A matching kidney has already been found and surgery will be free of charge. However, she has to bear the cost of Rs. 400,000 for additional investigations and drugs. Other than that, she has to travel from Weeraketiya to Colombo frequently, and also have to offer some amount of money to the kidney donator. Being a farmer, my uncle could not bear this expense by him self and I am giving my fullest support on them.

I hope you will support us to bring her life back by forwarding your possible contributions in your earliest to her

bank account.

Name : G.A. Ramani

Account No : 4795565

Bank : Bank of Ceylon

Branch : Weeraketiya

Telephone : 077-2890164

If it is inconvenient for my friends who live in Japan to transfer your money to Sri Lanka, please use my personal

Name : Indiketiya Hewage Samanthi Renuka

Account No : 10150 49457761

Bank : Japanese Post Bank


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