2011-June-26 Alms Giving at Komaba Hall

Sri Lankan Students’ Association (SLSAJ), is organizing the association’s Annual Alms Giving for the year 2011. The details of the event are as follows;


  • Date: 26th June 2011
  • Venue: Multi Purpose Hall, Komaba International House,( TEL+81-3-6407-7458)
  • Time: 10.00 am onwards

The objectives of the association in organizing the event for this year are,

  • Commemorating 2600th Anniversary of Lord Buddha’s Enlightenment
  • Commemorating the victims of the recent Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan
  • Blessing Japan and its natives for being safe from such disastrous situations
  • Blessing Sri Lanka, the Government and Sri Lankan in the routine of being the ‘Wonder of Asia’
  • Blessing the Sri Lankan community in Japan…

With all these objectives, the current committee is doing some changes to the program and this year’s event consists of several sessions as mentioned below.

  • 10.00  – Preparation for the Alms Giving
  • 10.30  – ‘Buddha Pooja’
  • 11.00 – Meditation
  • 11.30  – Offering Alms to ‘Maha Sangha’ (expectation 15 Thero)
  • 12.30  – Lunch for the participants
  • 13.30 – Anushasana
  • 14.30 – Pirith Preaching
  • 15.30 – Refreshment
  • 16.00 – ‘Bodu Bethi Gee Saraniya (Buddhist Songs)

We as SLSAJ, cordially invite you and wish your valuable presence to make this event a successful as the Sri Lankan community in Japan.

If you would like to extend your valuable helping hand towards the event your contributions in the means of;

  • Food Items for Alms to Maha Sangha (You are not supposed to offer the whole requirement)
  • Financial contribution for Pirikara
  • Assistance in organizing the event

Please let us know if you are willing to provide a contribution and we really appreciate your contributions as we know that it is a token of appreciation for us as well as the real strength behind SLSAJ going for organizing an event in this scale. To ease our organizing work, we highly appreciate if we are informed about your contribution through;

We are looking forward for your valuable presence for the event.


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